Thank you Ladies

I’d like to thank my host Angela Rousseau for inviting me to her home to hold a Vision Sisters Card Making Class. We watched a short video on Vision Sisters and then chatted about how Vision Sisters is raising funds to to help women and children in Uganda by providing clean birthing kits and and training to health workers. These women live in rural places and often give birth on the ground under trees. We don’t realise how lucky we are in Australia.

The ladies then had fun making 3 cards and bought raffle tickets. 

Thank You Angela Rousseau, Karen Rousseau, Branka Katalina and Julie Liagoardis. We made $70 on the night to go towards Vision Sisters. 
If you would like to hold a class in your home contact me to arrange a date. Gather your friends and have some fun creating while raising funds for this worthy cause.
Alternatively you can come to me for my classes. 
 Click on classes to see my Vision Sisters Card Making Classes Schedule. If you can’t make on a class date you like contact me to arrange an alternative day that suits Don’t forget to ask your friends to join you.

 Hope to see you soon 🙂


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